Summer for Survivors provides self-care boxes for survivors of sex trafficking and their children in Open Door Survivor Housing.

Shop the list and fill your box!


We often hear about the importance of self-care, but what exactly is it? Self-care is intentionally taking care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. 

For survivors of sex trafficking, self-care is paramount to healing and can lead to improved mood and reduced levels of stress and anxiety, for example:

  • Did you know that eating a piece of sour candy can help ground a survivor during a PTSD episode? The sourness of the candy helps bring the survivor back to the present where they are safe and out of the traumatic memory.
  • Writing in a journal also provides a way for survivors to talk about their past and write about their journey to healing.
  • For children, play can be the best self-care so we've included items to help children learn through creating and reading.


Building a self-care box is easy! Jaime Wheeler, Survivor Housing Director, has curated a list of items on Amazon.

Simply visit the list and select three to five items and have them delivered to Open Door at 1918 13th St., 79401. Jaime and her team will then deliver the boxes to survivors and their children. Thank you for helping us make this a Summer for Survivors! For more information, contact the development team at 806-687-6876.






Open Door has ongoing and seasonal campaigns. Here are a few of the ways you can join in our work.

Make a House a Home

Want to help furnish the homes of Lubbock’s most vulnerable, formerly homeless neighbors? There are three ways you can help:

  • Donate furniture items (in good condition) such as couches, bed frames, tables, and chairs
  • Visit and purchase needed items directly through our Amazon Wish List

Please be sure to contact Open Door staff at (806) 687-6876 if you plan to donate furniture items!



Join the worldwide celebration of giving on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving by supporting Open Door! Follow us on Facebook in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving to learn more about how you can give. All donations are eligible for amplification funds. 


Home for the Holidays

Harness the love and joy of the holiday season to share with your neighbors in need. Give to Open Door in the month of December to make the season bright!